BUS-222 Quantitative Methods

Welcome to the BUS-222 Quantitative Methods for Business module!


This module will provide business students with further study of mathematical methods applied to business. 


This module will look at time series analysis, methods from econometrics, statistics, and general mathematics especially in the fields of finance and economics.

Learning Outcomes

On completing the module, students are expected to be able to:

 Describe and use different techniques for analysing time series data, especially as applied to econometrics.

 General mathematical models applied to particular problems in business.  For example: ◦ queues ◦ optimal order quantity ◦ decision making

 Forecasting ◦ Investigate patterns of association and causality using correlation and regression analysis; ◦ Analyse data and interpret the results.

Please refer to your Module Implementation Plan to prepare for each class. I will also upload the relevant PPT and handouts at the end of each lecture.