ACF 103 Fundamentals of Finance

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I hope you find this course interesting and enjoyable. Although we will be looking at finance from a business perspective, the principles we cover have application to our everyday activities. We all need money, and we all need to know how to handle it in a way the provides what we need when we need it.

Here is the:

Course MIP: ACF103-MIP 2018 MIP

Tables of Present and future value factors: FV-PV interest factor tables

Some useful formulae: Some useful formulae







Slides for Lecture for Monday 7/5/18

Hi Guys,

Attached are the slides for Monday’s lecture. There is no prior reading for this, but please make sure you have read the first 3 chapters of the text book and make sure you have read chapter 5 for Tuesday’s lecture.

GWD Financial instruments

I shall upload slides for the rest of next week’s lectures, along with required reading, over the weekend.