Lecture Notes BUS 211

Attached please find the PowerPoint slides for BUS 211.  Use them as a study guide or to complement your notes from class.  These slides are not necessarily complete, because we discuss additional and current things during class where suitable, and we may not cover everything that is on these slides.  Therefore, they are 1) only an incomplete study guide and 2) no substitute for coming to class and taking your own notes.









BUS-221 Quantitative Methods

Dear Students,

Welcome to the BUS-221 Quantitative Methods module!


This module introduces a number of important quantitative methods of relevance in business studies.  Its purpose is to provide students with a grounding in mathematical techniques with which students will be expected to be familiar during their study.


The aims of this module are to enable the student to:

 Acquire knowledge of mathematical techniques relevant to economics, finance and other areas of business.

 Understand how these techniques are used, and be able to use them.

 Appreciate how these techniques are used in the study of specific business situations.

Please refer to your Module Implementation Plan to prepare for each class. I will also upload the relevant PPT and handouts at the end of each lecture.

Thanks and regards!


Marketing Lecture Monday 15th

Dear All

Please find attached the lesson notes for the final lecture. Also attached is finally advice on completing your group assignment. You have until Tuesday at 2.30pm use the time wisely  digital direct_wk4_L1 Assignment Final Thoughts

Presentations will start on Wednesday at 08.30. We will tell you the group order and how they will work on Monday.

The rest of the time will be spent on revision and exam technique.


Marketing Week 3

Dear all


We hope you are all having a good break but also thinking of your assignment.

Attached are the lecture notes for the first three lectures next week. On Thursday the lecture time will be dedicated to your assignment. Myself and your Chinese Tutor will be available to give advice and to review your work. So come to the lecture prepared to work on your assignment especially preparing your written report.

Enjoy the sunshine



Wednesday lecture

Dear All

We are quite happy that most groups are making good progress on their city tourism assignment. We will be checking your progress both informally and formally – special tutorial session next Thursday the 11th April. In the meantime we are happy to answer questions you may have but please use your group leader/coordinator to ask them.

Attached are the lecture notes for tomorrow’s lecture which will give you some idea on which customer group (need) to target.

Best wishes